Which Hat Fits?

Hats are making a bold statement and has become a must have in your fall wardrobe! Bowler hats were the most favorable amongst rail-workers as early as the 1800’s, for it didn’t blow off easily. At other times, the bowler defined British civil servants and bankers. These classic bowler hats that were considered an accessory of the menswear’s world has suddenly become a chic street style.

Street Style & Fernie Cotton

What’s lovely about the bowler hat? It can and is easily be transformed from a masculine to feminine look solely on how we stylize it. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Ashlee Simpson, and Fernie Cotton are already donning this fabulous style.

Simpson plays with her flirty side with a feminine ruffled dress paired with a long boyish blazer and finished nicely with her laced booties. Another fashionista uses the bowler hat to compliment her dressy/casual yet more masculine look. The long wool coat, casual jeans, and bulky leather boots gives the outfit a more androgynous feel. Holmes keeps it simple with cropped pants, casual t-shirt, and men inspired shoes with her brown bowler hat.

This just proves to show how versatile the bowler hat is. It is easily worn for an occasion, proven by our lovely female celebrities. It’s a blast from the past that you might just add to your closet!

Source: How They Wear: Petits Chapeaus

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