Accessories Haul

Who doesn’t love accessories? I bet almost EVERY female out there has a piece of jewelry, belt, earrings, or ring that they love to wear. I must admit I wasn’t much of an accessories person back in they day. Surprised? Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t like these beautiful trinkets, I just tend to be very simplistic when it came to my wardrobe. But eventually I found that ONE piece of accessory really brought something new to my outfit.

And if you’re like me, just start slow with a statement ring, necklace, or belt. It really makes a difference! I love classic and vintage elements, especially things that have an old antique-y feel. I wanted to share some accessories that I hauled recently.

Some of my favorites pieces. (From left to right: H&M necklace/similar here, Forever 21 miniature feather necklace/similar here, Forever 21 leaf necklace/similar here) I really love these 3 pieces since they are so simple and can be worn with practically ANY outfit. (ex: simple t-shirt and jeans)

I picked this up at Banana Republic a couple months ago, thought I’d share this with you guys. Look at the intricate details of the charms. Bracelets are great choice if you’re not a necklace person.

I love this ring from Forever 21. It’s bold silver ring without being overboard. It’s modern and edgy. I like to wear it with my dressy/casual outfits. Excuse my ugly hands, haha I just wanted to show you guys it looked on! =X (Find Ring here, it comes in silver and gold)







This last ring is from Charlotte Russe. I’ve must have had it over a year, but I still like it as much as I first purchased it. It’s really beautiful under both natural light and artificial. Fancy night out? Try something like this, it will be a good conversational piece. (Find similar ring here, here, here, and here)

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos and hopefully next time when you go shopping you’ll find an exciting piece to compliment your outfit!!

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