Unique all around!

Hey guys! So I’m back with yet another post! I wanted to introduce to you one of my friends from high school, Peonie, whom I think is one of most stylish people around. She’s bold and confident, she isn’t afraid of showcasing her unique sense of style. Peonie has taken the time to do this mini fashion interview for us! Check out what she has to say below. I’m sure she’ll be an inspiration for you as much as she is for me!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is life to me. People have to wear clothes everyday and how you decide to put clothes on yourself everyday is a form of expression and how you want people to perceive you from a first glance. Personally for me, it is also a way for me to exude a particular feeling that day, for example if I’m feeling really girly, I’ll throw on a cute flowy dress with some heels to express that. Or if I’m feeling really rock and roll, tight black pants, a studded tank, leather ankle booties, and some cool metal jewelry will help me channel that kind of energy for the day.

You have incredible sense of style, is there any particular person you look up to?

Thank you! I look up to a lot of people, mostly fashion bloggers, as they translate current fashion trends into everyday wear really well. Some of my favorites are Rumi Neely of FashionToast, Anh Sandstrom of 9to5chic, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-pacific and Kim of eat.sleep.wear. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess is also one of my favorite DIY bloggers who sometimes blogs outfit posts who has a very cool style! My favorite stylist is Monica Rose who fashions the Kardashian sisters. I’d like to work for her one day!


I adore Rumi Neely and Elsie myself. They definitely have a great eye for fashion! Can you describe your own personal style for me? How does it differ from others?
The thing about my style is that it changes everyday. Depending on my mood and where I’m headed that day, I can look like a school teacher one day to a punk rock chick complete with dark rimmed makeup and pink highlights the next. I’m a gemini and I need fashion to express all the sides of me!


A little role play always sounds fun! Now if you had to choose, heels or wedges?
The thicker the heel the better, other wise I’d choose wedges.


Are there any trends you love from this season?
Ankle boots are really growing on me! I used to be knee high and up boot type of girl, but since it became so trendy I decided to try something different. Also, the mix of casual styles with dress up is pretty cool too, like a denim button up with a flowy satin skirt is a fun look.


Is there a trend that you feel should NEVER come back?
UGG BOOTS NEED TO DIE! And so do crocs… I don’t care how comfortable they are, you look like you have elephant feet!


*Laughs, I must shamefully admit that I secretly desire a pair of Uggs! But Crocs definitely need to go ASAP! While there is so much talent out in the fashion industry, who do you think is the next hot designer?
I haven’t been keeping up with high fashion lately so I honestly can’t say!


What are some top pieces that every woman should have in their closet?
  • A great coat, a comfortable pair of heels/boots, jeans/pants that fit like a glove, and a great classic purse! Splurge on those things and everything else will fall into place. With those staples you can build your wardrobe using simple and affordable pieces like blouses from forever 21 or dresses from vintage stores and piece high and low together to create a look you feel comfortable and confident in!
  • A great classic coat like a trench will never go out of a style. Investing in a good coat can make any outfit look put together.
  • Because you wear a purse everyday, it should be something classic but fitting to your personality. Splurge on something you like because you carry your life in there everyday!!!
  • Nothing looks worse than someone wearing a pair of ill-fitting pants, so take the time to find a pair that fit, they don’t have to be the most expensive, sometimes levi’s works on some bodies when Seven jeans don’t!
  • A great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, so invest in some nice shoes. Black heels/boots mostly works well with everything. If your hair and feet are perfect, who cares whats in the middle!
How about your ideal date night outfit? 
Anything that makes you feel confident without having to fuss around or fiddle with your outfit all night. My ideal outfit is a great fitting dress with a cute pair of platform heels, blazer and a stand out pieces of jewelry!


Absolutely agree! That is such a classic look, I don’t think anyone can mess that one up! Lastly, what’s one style advice you would give to anyone?
Wear what you love, because if you feel good about the way you feel on the outside, you’ll feel great on the inside and everyone else will be able to see it and it will also show in your work/everyday life. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, who wants to blend in anyway? (Ok, I know that’s two but its what I tell ANYONE who is willing to hear me ramble about fashion and clothing!)


I cannot agree more! Thank Peonie for sharing your wonderful insights on fashion with us. Being confident is always the key. Like Coco Chanel had always said, In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Please check out Peonie’s blog, Cupcaking Around for more! I will be interviewing more people in the near future, stay tuned for more of our fashion movers and shakers.

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos were provided by Peonie S.

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