Bay Area Street Style

There’s great street style everywhere! I found these three lovely ladies to share their cute and comfortable fashion with me.

Street Style #1: Ester S. Current Occupation: Administrative Assistant.

Location: El Camino Real, CA. Personal Style: Cute but comfortable attire.

Definition of Fashion: “Being fashionable doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t comfortable in the clothes that you wear.”

I definitely agree with Ester! Being fashionable doesn’t always mean you have to be uncomfortable or wear five inch stilettos. Casual can still be chic!

Street Style #2: Janie V. Current Occupation: Manager/Secretary of Blox Racing

Location: Fremont, CA. Personal Style: Dressy, Casual, and Modern.

Definition of Fashion: “Wear what you love. Don’t just follow trends and be a fashion victim!”

What great advice. Who wants to be a fashion victim?! Just because a particular style is hot this season doesn’t mean it’s right for you. It’s important to create our own trends and be unique.

Street Style #3: Ada C. Current Occupation: Benefits Specialist.

Location: Milpitas, CA. Personal Style: Casual/Dressy

Definition of Fashion: “Dress according to the occasion. You never want to be overdressed or underdressed”

Amen to that! Not following dress code can be embarrassing. You never want to be the talk of the party in that kind of situation!

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