Winter Haul!!

Hi all! It’s been so COLD lately in California, I figured it was time for some winter shopping! I never seem to have enough sweaters during fall, it’s probably because I always see some really cute dresses, tanks, and short sleeves!! Anyway, I hopped over to the mall today and found a sweater from American Eagle, slouchy knitted beret from Forever 21, and ombre leopard scarf from Cotton On.

American Eagle Sweater $44.50 on sale for $29.99 (Same Here) with a Forever 21 Knitted Beret in Mustard (Same Here).

It’s a really simple wide boat neck type sweater but I LOVE the little details! The color is quite lovely. It’s an oatmeal white but with light specks of pastel pink and turquoise. It’s almost heather-ed and definitely much more beautiful in person. I apologize for the dark photo but hopefully you guys can see it the detail photos.

I especially love the lace stitches as design details at the sleeves. It’s also at the cuff and right before the hem line of the sweater. It’s so soft and warm, perfect for this nippy weather!

The pink and turquoise is more prominent in person.

Here’s the ombre leopard print scarf. It was only 3.50! I got on sale from $7.95, What a steal!! Pair a scarf like this to instantly add some fun and zing to your outfit.

Cotton On Ombre Leopard Print Twist Scarf (Similar Here).

My last haul of the day was this bright mustard knitted beret from Forever 21. I have so many knitted hats in black, I thought it would be fun to add some more colors and prints to my OH SO VERY dark wardrobe! (I blame the New Yorker in me! I’m making an effort!!)

Forever 21 Knitted Beret in Mustard (Same Here). $7.50

The color is much more bold on the website. It’s probably one of the better quality knits I’ve seen at Forever 21. It’s actually two layers of knit. The outer coat uses bulkier yarn while the inside uses a finer yarn. Yay, for fuzz, warmth, color, and print!!

OH, before I forget! I bought another new nail polish over this weekend. China Glaze 3D Glitter, the color is Material Girl.

Stay tune for more winter hauls!! In the meanwhile, what are your guy’s favorite winter item??

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