12.2.11: My Loves of Fridays

I wanted to do something different for this Friday’s segment of My Love for Fridays and talk about “Like Crazy” the movie I saw with my friend today. The movie completely blew me away since I went in thinking it would be cheesy and corny! But it was nothing close to what I thought it would be.

The roles of Anna and Jacob are played by British actress Felicity Jones and American Actor Anton Yelchin. The movie tackles long distance relationships in a more realistic way. It portrays the hardship and passion of a young couple trying to make their relationship despite being separate due to a violation of a travel Visa.

It’s was very bittersweet, well-acted enough to be believable. I also loved the simple yet stylish outfits worn by Felicity Jones in this film. Now I’m absolutely OBSESSED with High-waisted pleated dress pants.Donna Karan Pleated Wool Trousers (Find Here)

These are the closest ones I could find comparable to the one that Felicity Jones wore in the movie. Her pair had a thinner waistband with belt loops. She paired her pants with a simple striped boat-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt with a simple thin brown belt.

Dorothy Perkins Floral Blouse (Find Here)

I also loved the floral blouses she wore with bright contrasting skirts. I used this lovely feminine see-through blouse as an example. You can easily pair any blouse tucked into shorts, pants, or skirt to mimic her look.

Here’s to my search for the perfect pair of pleated high-waisted dress pants! I will keep you all updated.

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