Hey guys, I’m really excited to show you guys my new purse haul. Hopefully this will make up for my lack of posting the past week! My apologies! Work + finals was catching up to me, big time.

I’ve been searching for the perfect side bag for the longest time and I finally found mine at Nordstrom Rack today!!


I am absolutely in love with this super spacious bag! The leather is extremely soft and high in quality. The original price runs at $225.00 retail and it was on sale for $109.97. But since I had $50 giftcard, I paid about $70 out of pocket.

Here’s the lovely dust bag that came with it. I just adore the cute tag-line on this!

The inside has a small zipped inner pocket.

The inner front side has a small slot fit for a cellphone.

Detail shot of the front of the side purse. I love that it has three adjustable slots on the strap. You can wear it as a side purse, mid or small handbag.

Look at all the stuff that fits into this purse! It’s pretty crazy how spacious this bag is. Even with all these things in it, the bag doesn’t look over-stuffed.

Just wanted to show you guys all the things that were in the bag. Crazy huh?

Hooray to another successful haul! Now it’s time to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. Until next time, happy shopping and Happy Holidays!! =]

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