Reviews | Anastasia Brow Wiz & Brow Kit

Hey ladies, let’s talk about brows today, yes BROWS.

I had some pretty bushy eyebrows when I was younger and always wanted my brows to look thin. I would start plucking them everyday when I was high school (or whenever I saw a hair grow out) and I swear my brows have NEVER grown back the same again. It’s been more than 10 years and they still look thin and sparse. I wish I knew better then! 😦

So THANK GOD for brow pencils, powder, and all the wonderful beauty products out there. Here are two products from Anastasia that’s been working pretty well for me.


Anastasia Brow Kit in Medium Brown (Medium Ash)

The brow kit comes with duo brow powder in light brown/medium brown. (or medium ash, as it used to be called) It also comes with a small brow brush and a clear brow gel.



The smaller brush came with the kit, but I also like to use my brush from Bobbi Brown from time to time. You can use any brush you’re comfortable with.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown


The Brow Wiz is a mechanical brow pencil with duo sides.

The product twists out on one side and the other side is your brow spoolie.

The brow kit is SUPER easy to use. I recommend this to beginners and those who like natural looking brows. The powder is super light and easy to apply with the included brush. Once you finish drawing in your brows, you apply the clear brow gel to keep all the little hairs in place.

I really enjoyed using the brow kit UNTIL….I tried the Brow Wiz.

The Wiz makes my brows look FANTASTIC. Because of the overplucking, I have a lot of brow to draw in and the wiz can draw better lines than the powder can.

Here are my naked brows. As you can see in the photo, I’m missing a lot of hairs towards the front of the brow.



Left photo: Using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
Right photo: Using Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium Brown

As you can see, in the right photo shown, the powder can’t fill in the missing hairs as well as the brow wiz.


(Left: Brow wiz, Right: Brow powder)

Meanwhile, I’ve been giving Anastasia’s Brow Enhancing Serum a try, hopefully it will help me grow thicker brows. Will review it another time for you guys. 🙂


What brow kits or pencils are you guys using? I’ve been hearing about Surratt and their brow products. Have any of you tried it yet?

Would love to hear more on your favorite eyebrow products. Remember like this post and leave me comments below!

❤ Ren

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