Reviews | GLAMGLOW Dazzling Hydration Set

As all you ladies may know by now, I’m OBSESSED with facial masks. Sheet masks, clay, wash-offs, you name it.

I’ve been wanting to try the GLAMGLOW mask line for quite some time now, but I’ve always hesitated since they were $69 a pop. A couple a weeks ago, I was browsing around Sephora and I discovered their Thirstymud set at the same cost. Had to pick up, it was a no brainer!

GLAMGLOW Dazzling Hydration Set (Find Here)

The set came with a full size Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment (1.7 oz), Supermud Clearing Treatment (0.5 oz), Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser (1 oz), and a Dual-ended applicator brush.


The packaging is quite nice and well constructed. I love the HELLO SEXY message when you open the box. Kinda makes you feel better and justifies your spend 😉


All the products have their own separate compartments.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment


Supermud is fantastic (smells like licorice, so gooooood), I can see why so many people rave about it. I applied a generous amount all over my face with their applicator brush and I immediately felt it working. The tingle sensation was quite strong but dissipated quickly.

As the mask started to dry, I was able to see all the oil/dirt appear as darker spots all over my face. (Especially around the nose area)

I’ve also been using this to spot treat acne and noticed that it will shrink the size and redness overnight. For those who of you who have dry skin, I recommend you only use this as spot treatment.

GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment


GLAMGLOW’s Thirstymud treatment is essentially a western version of a sleeping pack. (The term “sleeping pack” is more commonly used in the Asian beauty market) With that being said, it is a cream mask that you apply at a night for hydrated replenished skin.

This treatment has been officially included in my beauty must-haves! All you need is a little product and it goes a long way. I dotted a small amount on my forehead, cheeks, and chin while spreading it evenly with the applicator brush.

My face smells so good (like coconut) and my skin feels so hydrated. It has a thin consistency and a gel-like texture. My skin feels even more amazing in the morning and all those dry patches on my cheeks have disappeared.

The moisture in my face has been replenished without any breakouts! I definitely recommend using this twice a week if your skin needs a serious pick me up. It can also come in handy if you’re traveling frequently, since the air quality on flights can be so drying.

Have you any of you tried their products? How do you guys like them? Let me know in the comments below. Please remember to like and subscribe to my blog.




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