Happy New Year | 2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year Lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful NYE and a great time last night whether you were out and about or even taking it easy at home. Wanted write a surprise post to share my NYE festivities and 2016 resolutions.


Oops, didn’t have my shoes on yet! 😉 Below is a close-up of my outfit with better lighting.


Items Worn:
Ann Taylor Blouse
Express Color Block Skirt (Navy/Black)
Chanel Small Mini Flap
Cole Hann Black Pumps

My boyfriend made a surprise reservation to our favorite French restaurant, La Folie in San Francisco. The restaurant was completely packed and decked out for NYE festivities.

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Guest Blogger! Java from A Taste of Temptation.

Hey guys, I’m so excited to be a guest blogger for my dear friend. Anywhoo, my name is Janie. I also run a collaborative blog at www.atasteoftemptation.com, which Ren is also a part of.  So don’t forget to check us out! Anyway, I wanted to do an OOTD post for you guys. 

This is a casual look that is great for the cold weather. I love layers because you never know how warm it can be indoors even when it’s freezing outside. This is especially the case whenever I go to the mall. They always seem to be cranking their heaters up to max! Here’s the look:

I’m kinda getting used to taking pictures with the timer..so excuse the cut off because I’m actually taking the picture in my cubicle at work =X

You can see my boots in this picture, well..the tops of my boots anyway. Haha. I promise I will get better at taking these pictures. I should probably invest in one of those remote clickers or something.

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Designers for H&M?

Designers for H&M, is it really a good thing?? There are mutual benefits for both companies but is it really designer anymore? We’re talking about Versace MASS produced. I think most of us crave for designer products because of the handiwork and quality we are paying for.

Sure, these collaborations make it possible for EVERYONE to get their hands on the “name brand product” but it’s just NOT THE SAME! In the past, huge designers like Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel had created limited designs for H&M, and now Versace. I rather not be able to afford the real thing than wear a cheap-y version of it that some other girl may be strutting down the street with.

BUT with that said, I’m still curious as to how these pieces will look in person. There’s so much bold print, colors, and studs. It’s going to be chaotic on November 19th when these Versace pieces are available in selected stores.

I won’t lie…I do like skirt quite a bit and top bodice detail of the dress. =P

I also did enjoy this peculiar advertisement of “The Very Best of Versace for H&M“. The music is so intriguing, anyone know where it’s from?

Bay Area Street Style

There’s great street style everywhere! I found these three lovely ladies to share their cute and comfortable fashion with me.

Street Style #1: Ester S. Current Occupation: Administrative Assistant.

Location: El Camino Real, CA. Personal Style: Cute but comfortable attire.

Definition of Fashion: “Being fashionable doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t comfortable in the clothes that you wear.”

I definitely agree with Ester! Being fashionable doesn’t always mean you have to be uncomfortable or wear five inch stilettos. Casual can still be chic!

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Modern Vintage Defined.

Hi all! I’m back with another promised fashion interview! I wanted to introduce Holly W, a woman with impeccable taste. I had the honor of working with her at BCBG MAX AZRIA two years back and I’ve never seen this woman look shabby! Everyday is always a surprise. She’s worn different prints, textures, and bold jewelry pieces that caught my eye. Here’s some of her style secrets to share with you all!

(-Vintage maxi, flower clip for hair, perfect sunnys, and a braided bracelt, gold 70’s long clutch)

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a sense of self- it’s about what makes you happy.  I believe that current trends are just one part of what makes someone stylish.   Other parts for me include: fit, color, texture, pattern, and personal perspective.  Having a unique perspective on dressing yourself is fashion.

Your fashion senses are spot on, is there any particular person you look up to?

I have always looked up to my grandmother for a sense of style; she never leaves the house not dressed for her day.  I also pull a lot of ideas from what I see other people wearing; I love new and fresh style!

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The Spark Remains

There was probably a lot of speculation whether Alexander McQueen’s empire would crumble when he died tragically last year, but creative director Sarah Burton has proved us all wrong! I’ve been loving everything Burton has been doing. Not only has she kept McQueen’s vision, Burton has incorporated her lovely feminine aesthetics.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of Sarah Burton’s Spring 2012 collection for McQueen Collection.
Beautiful, intricate, and delicate. Not one piece lacked details, they were all works of art.

Click for video:

Diving for McQueen on Nowness.com

I’m excited to see what else Burton has to offer. Here are some pieces I liked from the Spring 2012 RTW. You guys view the rest on style.com.