Effortless Chic

Juhyun Vivi ParkJuhyun Vivi ParkJuhyun Vivi Park

– “Juhyun Vivi Park, Academy of Art University. New York Fashion Week Spring 2012”

Academy of Art’s Juhyun Vivi Park has certainly been turning heads at New York fashion week Spring 2012. Inspired by men’s work wear, Park has created comfortable yet functional pieces for Spring that’s in a way reminiscent of Yohji Yamamoto. The designer also strategically uses stone-washing techniques to give texture to the garments.  The wash also gives soft neutral palette to this striking collection. Free flowing movement is created by layering several pieces of garments together. The sharp shapes is indicated by varying lengths of pants, coats, and shirting, all while creating eye catching silhouette.

While the garments are loose and relaxed, structure is added with cropped coats and long jackets with different draped lapels. Several different pocket placements are used to give the elongating illusion. Park meticulously plays with different sized threads and stitching to give surface interest.

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