Designers for H&M?

Designers for H&M, is it really a good thing?? There are mutual benefits for both companies but is it really designer anymore? We’re talking about Versace MASS produced. I think most of us crave for designer products because of the handiwork and quality we are paying for.

Sure, these collaborations make it possible for EVERYONE to get their hands on the “name brand product” but it’s just NOT THE SAME! In the past, huge designers like Lanvin and Sonia Rykiel had created limited designs for H&M, and now Versace. I rather not be able to afford the real thing than wear a cheap-y version of it that some other girl may be strutting down the street with.

BUT with that said, I’m still curious as to how these pieces will look in person. There’s so much bold print, colors, and studs. It’s going to be chaotic on November 19th when these Versace pieces are available in selected stores.

I won’t lie…I do like skirt quite a bit and top bodice detail of the dress. =P

I also did enjoy this peculiar advertisement of “The Very Best of Versace for H&M“. The music is so intriguing, anyone know where it’s from?