Guest Blogger! Java from A Taste of Temptation.

Hey guys, I’m so excited to be a guest blogger for my dear friend. Anywhoo, my name is Janie. I also run a collaborative blog at, which Ren is also a part of.  So don’t forget to check us out! Anyway, I wanted to do an OOTD post for you guys. 

This is a casual look that is great for the cold weather. I love layers because you never know how warm it can be indoors even when it’s freezing outside. This is especially the case whenever I go to the mall. They always seem to be cranking their heaters up to max! Here’s the look:

I’m kinda getting used to taking pictures with the excuse the cut off because I’m actually taking the picture in my cubicle at work =X

You can see my boots in this picture, well..the tops of my boots anyway. Haha. I promise I will get better at taking these pictures. I should probably invest in one of those remote clickers or something.

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Modern Vintage Defined.

Hi all! I’m back with another promised fashion interview! I wanted to introduce Holly W, a woman with impeccable taste. I had the honor of working with her at BCBG MAX AZRIA two years back and I’ve never seen this woman look shabby! Everyday is always a surprise. She’s worn different prints, textures, and bold jewelry pieces that caught my eye. Here’s some of her style secrets to share with you all!

(-Vintage maxi, flower clip for hair, perfect sunnys, and a braided bracelt, gold 70’s long clutch)

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a sense of self- it’s about what makes you happy.  I believe that current trends are just one part of what makes someone stylish.   Other parts for me include: fit, color, texture, pattern, and personal perspective.  Having a unique perspective on dressing yourself is fashion.

Your fashion senses are spot on, is there any particular person you look up to?

I have always looked up to my grandmother for a sense of style; she never leaves the house not dressed for her day.  I also pull a lot of ideas from what I see other people wearing; I love new and fresh style!

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Unique all around!

Hey guys! So I’m back with yet another post! I wanted to introduce to you one of my friends from high school, Peonie, whom I think is one of most stylish people around. She’s bold and confident, she isn’t afraid of showcasing her unique sense of style. Peonie has taken the time to do this mini fashion interview for us! Check out what she has to say below. I’m sure she’ll be an inspiration for you as much as she is for me!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is life to me. People have to wear clothes everyday and how you decide to put clothes on yourself everyday is a form of expression and how you want people to perceive you from a first glance. Personally for me, it is also a way for me to exude a particular feeling that day, for example if I’m feeling really girly, I’ll throw on a cute flowy dress with some heels to express that. Or if I’m feeling really rock and roll, tight black pants, a studded tank, leather ankle booties, and some cool metal jewelry will help me channel that kind of energy for the day.

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OooH LA LA Vintage

Mixing old with the new, this move is TIMELESS. Adding vintage items instantly adds vah-vah voom to any outfit. The key is being able to have a good balance, a great example would be Kelly Kramel from “”. Kramel excels at showcasing her head turning style with different vintage pieces mixed with contemporary to give that edge.

Fashion isn’t always too complicated. Most of the time it’s all about keeping it simple and adding a bold highlight piece to compliment an outfit. This statement piece can be a jacket, colorful shoes, or a statement accessory. I.E: Necklace or ring!

Like Kramel, I love everything about vintage and the importance of having classic pieces in our wardrobe. Take something old and create a new masterpiece, but adding our own twist to it. BE BRAVE! Take a chance and don’t be afraid to be unique and stand out.

Kramel’s Little Tramp look, ex:  Vintage Rayban’s with contemporary pieces.

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