Hey all, as promised I’m back with some makeup hauls!

First off, I wanted to share my ALL TIME favorite eyeliner that I have been using for years. I’ve tried many brands from drugstore to expensive department store ones, but I’ve always found myself coming back to this particular one.

CoverGirl’s Perfect Point Plus in ONYX. I also picked up the espresso one since both of them are versatile for everyday.

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in ONYX & ESPRESSO (Find HERE)

I just drew a simple line for swatch references to show how easy it is to draw a straight line. This eyeliner is a bit more fallout and smudgeproof than most, which is why I love it so much. It is extremely easy to handle! This will be favorable for those who do not like liquid liners.

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Hey guys, I’m really excited to show you guys my new purse haul. Hopefully this will make up for my lack of posting the past week! My apologies! Work + finals was catching up to me, big time.

I’ve been searching for the perfect side bag for the longest time and I finally found mine at Nordstrom Rack today!!


I am absolutely in love with this super spacious bag! The leather is extremely soft and high in quality. The original price runs at $225.00 retail and it was on sale for $109.97. But since I had $50 giftcard, I paid about $70 out of pocket.

Here’s the lovely dust bag that came with it. I just adore the cute tag-line on this!

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Winter Haul!!

Hi all! It’s been so COLD lately in California, I figured it was time for some winter shopping! I never seem to have enough sweaters during fall, it’s probably because I always see some really cute dresses, tanks, and short sleeves!! Anyway, I hopped over to the mall today and found a sweater from American Eagle, slouchy knitted beret from Forever 21, and ombre leopard scarf from Cotton On.

American Eagle Sweater $44.50 on sale for $29.99 (Same Here) with a Forever 21 Knitted Beret in Mustard (Same Here).

It’s a really simple wide boat neck type sweater but I LOVE the little details! The color is quite lovely. It’s an oatmeal white but with light specks of pastel pink and turquoise. It’s almost heather-ed and definitely much more beautiful in person. I apologize for the dark photo but hopefully you guys can see it the detail photos.

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Love of Sparkles!

My girlfriends and I have been currently obsessing over nail polishes! There’s a lot of special collections out by OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, and much more. My friend and I went on a little haul yesterday and this is what I purchased!

(Left to Right) China Glaze – Twinkle Lights (Let it Snow), Skyscraper (Metro), and CG in the City (Metro). Zoya -K SSY (Gem & Jewels).

Aren’t these colors just lovely!?? I felt like a little girl in a candy shop, there were colors galore. If I could I’d haul ALL of them home!! These sparkly shades had gotten me a bit excited about the holidays and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

(Left to Right – KSSY, CG in the City, Skyscraper, Twinkle Lights)

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Accessories Haul

Who doesn’t love accessories? I bet almost EVERY female out there has a piece of jewelry, belt, earrings, or ring that they love to wear. I must admit I wasn’t much of an accessories person back in they day. Surprised? Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t like these beautiful trinkets, I just tend to be very simplistic when it came to my wardrobe. But eventually I found that ONE piece of accessory really brought something new to my outfit.

And if you’re like me, just start slow with a statement ring, necklace, or belt. It really makes a difference! I love classic and vintage elements, especially things that have an old antique-y feel. I wanted to share some accessories that I hauled recently.

Some of my favorites pieces. (From left to right: H&M necklace/similar here, Forever 21 miniature feather necklace/similar here, Forever 21 leaf necklace/similar here) I really love these 3 pieces since they are so simple and can be worn with practically ANY outfit. (ex: simple t-shirt and jeans)

I picked this up at Banana Republic a couple months ago, thought I’d share this with you guys. Look at the intricate details of the charms. Bracelets are great choice if you’re not a necklace person.

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