Intros Intros Intros!

Hi everyone! My name is Karen, I was born in Taiwan and raised in New York City. Growing up in the city that never sleeps, I was constantly inspired by different types of arts. Upon my receiving my barbie design kit when I was just 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be a designer when I grew up. After many obstacles and struggles, I finally pursued my dream of becoming a fashion designer by enrolling in the fashion program at the “Academy of Art University, San Francisco” in 2007.  Today, I am currently in my last semester at AAU and applying for jobs out there in the fashion world!  I want to share with everyone my daily inspirations, likes-dislikes, and interests involving fashion, makeup, and just adventures of my fashion life. Attending fashion school had truly open eyes and broaden my interests. I have learned so much and am still continuing to learn about the fashion industry. Let’s share our love of fashion together!