Tags | 50 Random Facts + New Hair

It’s almost time for Chinese New Year, so I got my hair cut WAYY ahead of time so I don’t have to scramble at the last minute. There’s a Chinese superstition that says you can’t cut your hair once CNY begins, because it is equivalent to cutting away good fortune.

It’s almost better to not be aware of such superstitions, because once you do, how can you not wonder if it’s true or not? (Silly, I know haha)

So my awesome stylist Daniella turned my blond/caramel-ish ombre into a dark brown ash, with pops of purple/magenta peekaboos.



Cut about 2 inches off, for some reason I’ve been really digging the short hair lately.

Daniella and I were having some fun with the awesome birdcage prop she had.

Moving on,  thought this would be a perfect time for a 50-random-facts-about-me tag!

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