OooH LA LA Vintage

Mixing old with the new, this move is TIMELESS. Adding vintage items instantly adds vah-vah voom to any outfit. The key is being able to have a good balance, a great example would be Kelly Kramel from “”. Kramel excels at showcasing her head turning style with different vintage pieces mixed with contemporary to give that edge.

Fashion isn’t always too complicated. Most of the time it’s all about keeping it simple and adding a bold highlight piece to compliment an outfit. This statement piece can be a jacket, colorful shoes, or a statement accessory. I.E: Necklace or ring!

Like Kramel, I love everything about vintage and the importance of having classic pieces in our wardrobe. Take something old and create a new masterpiece, but adding our own twist to it. BE BRAVE! Take a chance and don’t be afraid to be unique and stand out.

Kramel’s Little Tramp look, ex:  Vintage Rayban’s with contemporary pieces.

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